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hello so bored right now, thats probably why im updating, lol..i wish it wasnt so bad out because i was so bored today in the house i had nothing to do. i was kinda an a bad mood today, a really bad mood..and i was really upset but then i talked to allie, who made me feel much better..thanks al!! then i took a walk 2 pathmark with my mom, theresa and my cousin allie..i got pushed in the snow quite a few times, then we played outside. My little cousin Wanda was so cute outside she was having soo much fun, me, amelia & theresa made a snow man wen amelia went to put the nose on the head, the head fell apart so we had 2 make a new one, it was so kinda cold now,i hope its not this snowy out tomorrow..but my mom said its gunna be! well theres nothing to do now so i guess i'll go clean my room or something! bye
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