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Yesterday was so much fun! Annie Fusie, Annie Tep & Patrick came over yesterday, first took the train to blockbuster & burger king, we rented 13 going on thirty, miracle. 13 going on thirty was the best movie!! we didnt watch miracle but i've seen it before, lol..then we were in the kitchen drinking iced-t & annie tep dropped her glass and the drink spilled all over fusie's new capri's and the glass shattered all over the floor, fusie screamed "my pants" i screamed "my floor" lol..after it was all cleaned up it was something to laugh about! lol, Then andrea f's dad dropped off cranium and we played that it was a really fun game! i was on patrick & theresa's team..we lost! :( but it was no biggie, lol. Then me and andrea fusie walked to dunkn donuts/baskin robbins to get so icecream & to get Patrick a breakfast sandwich..Patrick and andrea tep didnt come because they were waiting for Pat's mom to pick up some of my dvds for Pat's little sister to watch! Then wen pat & annie tep left we decided that annie fuse would be sleeping over! we listened to the radio & had one of our famous dance parties! i made up a new move its very funny..andrea called it the fox trot but i dont like that name it needs a new name..we made tea & lattes..i had a latte but andrea said the tea was good. then i fell asleep around 1:30, i'm always the first to fall asleep at the sleepovers! Andrea just left a little while ago! all in all it was a really fun day! i wound up never getting my school shoes..i dunno y tho! lol, well i gotta go get ready today is Wanda & Ralphie's birthday party Wanda's birthday was July 26, she turned 6 and Ralphie's b-day was Aug 3..and he turned 3! my cousins r getting so big! the party is at kidzone!! should be a ton of fun!! bye
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