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Caught in the down pour..broken key

This morning Patrick called at like 10 and woke me up then he came over & we walked to dunkin donuts for breakfast and then Patrick came over & we hung out with Te and Stephanie, then Pat left and then me, te & steph watched general hospital, i've become obessed with that show its so adiccting, theres so many hot guys on that show maybe thats why its so after that was over my mom made macaroni..and we ate it was very good, after we ate we deicded to take a walk and we got caught in the rain, we got soaked..wen we came i wnet to open the door with my key and for some reason the top was bent then stephanie had the bright idea to bend it back and it snapped it half! how can a metal key snap!? my mom flipped wen we came home because we were soaking wet! we started dancing in the rain & jumped in a few puddles, even tho we got really really wet it was still a lot of fun, lol, well i'm gunna go bye
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