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macaroni-sour chocolate milk-new ringtone

hey- so last night we had dinner at uncle johnny's house, once again..i'm glad there moving in downstairs it only makes sense because were over there like everyday. uncle j made macaroni, they were very good, only this time i actually ate them with sauce & not butter, then we ate donuts..and i hung out in amelia's room for a bit & i played with wanda & ralphie. then around 9 i was bored so i baked brownies & i put choc chips in them, they were good. i was so tired last night & i couldnt fall asleep so i watch queer eye for the straight guy, but it was a repeat than around 12 i fell asleep. this morning i got up at 7:30 and went with mommy, uncle johnny, theresa & wanda to tthe mom had a sist on her gum & had to get it removed. her appointment was at 9, we waited forever than at 12 she finally went in. at like 9:30 uncle johnny took me, te, & wanda to get was the worst bagel i hav a had in my life! wanda got chocolate milk & it was sour how, i feel bad mommy is very drowsy from the anasethia (however the heck u spell it) she's in a lot of pain..i hope she feels better!! oh & i downloaded a new ringtone!! turn me on by kevin lyttle, it sounds just like the song! i love that song,lol..te said the funniest thing today!! such a funny girl, lol..well i'm gunna go, general hospital is on!! yay!
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